Students Conference

The National Student Research Conference 2020 hosted by SCH invites undergraduate students to submit research abstracts to present at the conference. Guidelines for abstract submission are as follows:

1) Authors:
Abstracts may have multiple authors. In order to be eligible for submission, the presenter must be an undergraduate student. If the first author is unable to present, another author may present the abstract in their place provided that the presenter:
is an undergraduate student
is an author on the study​

2) Abstracts:
Abstracts must fulfil all the following criteria in order to be eligible for submissions:

Must be no longer than 400 words.
Must be a completed research study – research proposals or projects that are still in progress will not be considered for presentation.
Unpublished research is preferred to research projects that have already been published in a journal.
Must be related to health sciences or biological sciences – research abstracts related to other fields will not be accepted.
Must be affiliated with a health sciences or biological sciences related program – research abstracts affiliated.

3) Supplementary Materials:
The abstract may include supplementary materials such as graphs, figures, charts, images etc. provided they fulfil the following criteria:

A maximum of 2 supplements may be provided.
Must be compiled into a single DOC document.
Must be relevant to the scientific content of the abstract
Must be the original work of the authors – supplements which are cited from other research works will not be accepted
If the abstract content is studying patient data (e.g. case series, prospective/retrospective cohorts etc.) the supplements must not include any patient identifiers which could violate their privacy (e.g. patient name, medical record number etc.)

For further information and queries, please contact us at​